Menampilkan postingan dari Maret, 2016

I Made Lyrics Video

When I'm write this post, it means I'm realize that I have a blog.

So, today I'm just finished make a video. It takes 4 hours to made this, although the quality still worse (seriously, I'm finished the video 100% with my phone). I uploaded the video on YouTube, and I will be rich like PewDiePie. No, not like that.
Maybe you're familiar with Secondhand Serenade. Yeah, and this is one of my favorite song include Your Call and Fall For You. But, this song (Awake) was not popular like those both. I don't know, maybe you just brainwashed with many people who just love Your Call.

Why the quality is freakin' bad?!
I don't care. I just want to upload that video to YouTube and get more subscribes. I'm sorry, I don't have camera with a good sensor.

Epilog, maybe I will create more video again. Don't forget to click like, comment, subscribe, and share my-very-very-bad video.

Thank you!