Hello, 2016

"Are you still blogging?!! Where are you??"
Maybe you were thought like that in 2015. But, I'm still blogging. So, don't worry. This is my 2nd home, I will 'decorate' it with my words.

And someday, while I'm don't update this blog, maybe I'm busy with my real life. Yes, I have real life.

But, I'm still confuse about the content on this blog. Actually, I have my own personal blog that tell about my daily activity and feelings. Then, what should I write in this blog?

I don't know...

maybe I can tell you about my opinions. Like movie reviews, my response about the news, or anything. Well, everything on my absurd mind, it will be in here.

Then, why I write this post in English?
Of course, to improve my English skill, dude! I have been studying English in my school, then, why I'm not showing my skills? Yeah, maybe my grammar still dumb, but I believe you still can understand my words.
Another reason, to easy my way to get AdSense. Yeah, money money money $$.

It's 2016.
"What is my target in this year?"

I don't know.
I haven't prepare it yet.

But, in this year, I will try to improve my English skill.
Try to read more books.
And I will always update every news in this Earth. I will write my opinion about that news, and try to discuss it with my friends, or stranger, or... eh?

Welcome 2016.

Let's start!

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  1. Balasan
    1. Girls?
      If you mean 'a girlfriend', I think I don't need it for this year...

      but I'm not sure.

  2. Reads more books? Wow, it's awesome, and I hope also. :)

    Penjaja Kata.

    1. Goodluck with your resolutions, bro! ;)


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