Be A Good Person

Last minute ago, I read  a portal news from Indonesia. Then, I found one news that... maybe for us, that was mainstream case. The news is about 'mocking someone'.

Link for the news, click here.

I will tell you the point of the news..
So, Corrina went to McDonald's.
She has a overweight body.
One day, her mother asked Corrina to bought a meal in McDonald's. So, she went there and met the waiter in front of the cashier.
She ordered 6 cheese burgers and 4 french fries.
Then, what happened?
The waiter yelled to the kitchen, "Six cheese burgers. I'm not kidding on this time, This fat-woman wants six cheese burgers."
Corrina explained that six burgers was not for herself. That burgers was for her mother and her little daughters.
After hear what her said, all of the staff was laughing to her.
She got her orders, and went out with teary eyes and report that embarrassed-events to her mother, and she reported this case to police.

I feel sad about this news.
In my opinion, mocking someone is stupid action. Even if you tell that 'just kidding, bro'. Maybe you will think that's a joke, but you already hurt their heart.

"Ah, I already know his/her character"
"I'm his/her friend, dude."

or many reasons you give to me, better for you to not mock everyone.
Be the good person.
And people around you will be happy.

I have read one quotes from blog, he wrote like this,

"I don't want to be a reason to everyone having a bad day"

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